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Travel to Morocco with Kantara's Signature Tour!

We offer a variety of travel options in Morocco, from our Signature Tour to fully customizable travel packages.

Our Story

Alia started Kantara, a fair trade design business specializing in handwoven and vintage Moroccan rugs in 2008. After more than a decade of traveling through Morocco on rug buying trips, often alone, often in tiny little rental cars, she decided to start a travel company.


It had always been a dream to bring friends, family, and clients along on these journeys through Morocco. There's no better way to meet the artisans and to experience a taste of Morocco's incredible generosity.


Alia launched Kantara Tours in 2019 with two private tours and a Signature Tour. After a brief Covid hibernation, we're ready to jump back into travel, starting with tours in 2022.


Types of Tours

We offer several different types of tours to Morocco. Some Tours have a set itinerary and make sure to hit all of the highlights in Morocco. Other tours are designed for high school and college students. And then there's always an option for designing custom tours in Morocco.



Kantara's Signature Tour is a 12-day adventure for 8 to 15 travelers, offering authentic and memorable experiences throughout Morocco-- from the imperial cities, to the majestic Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara desert and back again.

In the words of our guests:

"The women in the rug cooperatives clearly felt you were special and treated us that way as well. Their home-cooked meals made me feel like an honored visitor. Their meals were a high point of my Moroccan food experience. I liked feeling that I was contributing to the success of their mission, that our trip fit into some larger picture."

Bill B.

October 2019 Signature Tour




When it comes to Morocco, we've seen it all! We make it easy for you to design your dream trip to Morocco with our Custom Tour options.


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