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We love putting together custom tours in Morocco that are designed around the travel vision of a particular group. Alia's experience in designing tours is as varied as her knowledge of the different regions of Morocco.

This is an ideal option for those who seek greater input in determining the length of trip and places visited. It's also a great option if you are traveling with fewer than 8 people or if you'd like to travel with a private party.


We offer a variety of custom travel services depending on how much outside involvement you want on your tour, ranging from consultation, to custom-made itineraries, to guided services.​​



Alia first traveled to Morocco in 2005. A year later, she moved to Rabat where she lived and worked for over a year. Finally, in 2008, she started Kantara, a fair-trade design business specializing in Moroccan rugs.

Over the last decade, Alia has spent countless days traveling throughout Morocco -- whether buying rugs for Kantara or guiding various tours ranging from one client to 24 participants. 

Alia is well-versed at the logistics of putting together comprehensive tours, and also at the simple touches that enhance the magic of the moment.


Custom Tours Inquiry

The cost of Custom Tours will differ depending on the length of the trip, the level of support you're looking for, and the types of activities you'd like to experience in Morocco. If you're looking for custom travel options in Morocco, fill out this form as best as you can and we'll be in touch with some additional information!

Do you have any interest in riding camels and spending a night in the Sahara?
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Dir: Demetra Mazria
Custom Kantara Tour
June 2019

Mikael Kennedy at Claudio Bravo Palace on private custom Kantara Tour in February 2020


"The trip was marvelous and exceeded expectations. Much of the wonderful experiences are thanks to you, Alia-- your careful planning, choice of activities, guides, food, and hotels and above all your warm personality. It was an awesome experience learning about the country from someone with your perspective and knowledge of the history, culture, and people."

Lynne W.

October 2019 Tour

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